TOA Waters Unveils Three Captivating Bubble Bath Series, Elevating Self-Care to New Heights

Frederick, Maryland (September 7, 2023)TOA Waters, the trailblazing bubble bath company renowned for challenging gender stereotypes in self-care, is thrilled to introduce three exquisite bubble bath series, promising to redefine your bathing experience. These curated series, inspired by nature and crafted with precision, offer a sensory journey that nurtures both body and soul.

Earth, Wind, and Waters Bubble Bath Series: Immerse yourself in the harmonious embrace of nature with TOA Waters' captivating Earth, Wind, and Waters Bubble Bath Series. Let the power of the elements elevate your self-care routine as you embark on a transformative experience with three distinct bubble baths. This series includes Lockwood Forest Bubble Bath (Sage, Oakmoss, and Lavender), Tuscarora Creek Bubble Bath (Amber, Cedar, and Lemon), and Crystal Winds Bubble Bath (Lavender and Lime Wood).

Twilight Whispers Bubble Bath Series: Elevate your evenings with the enchanting allure of TOA Waters' Twilight Whispers Bubble Bath Series. Immerse yourself in a trio of luxurious bubble baths that encapsulate the mystique of twilight and the timeless elegance of the night. This series includes Debonair Bubble Bath (Jasmine and Teakwood), Casanova Bubble Bath (Cedarwood and Smooth Spices), and After Midnight Bubble Bath (Mandarin and Brazilian Rosewood).

Tropical Escape Bubble Bath Series: Embark on a journey to paradise with TOA Waters' exquisite Tropical Escape Bubble Bath Series. Elevate your bathing routine with three luxurious bubble baths that capture the essence of sun-soaked shores, vibrant fruits, and the captivating spirit of the tropics. This series includes Caribbean Sands Bubble Bath (Mahogany Coconut), Havana Bubble Bath (Rum and Sandalwood), and Cara Cara Bubble Bath (Citrus and Agave).

Each of these new series is meticulously crafted to provide a unique and indulgent experience, allowing you to unwind, rejuvenate, and escape into a world of relaxation right in your own tub. TOA Waters' commitment to inclusivity and innovation extends to these new offerings, ensuring that everyone can indulge in self-care without limitations.

"These new bubble bath series are a testament to our dedication to providing exceptional self-care experiences for all," said Javier Folgar, Owner and Founder of TOA Waters. "We invite our customers to embark on a sensory journey with us and elevate their self-care routine with our Earth, Wind, and Waters, Twilight Whispers, and Tropical Escape Bubble Bath Series."

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About TOA Waters
TOA Waters provides bubble bath products for the bold bather. Our high-quality bubble bath products are perfect for those who aren't afraid to make a statement. Whether you want to feel like you're traipsing through a lush forest or swimming in the vibrant Red Sea, our products will transport you there - all from the relaxing comfort of your own tub.


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