Mastering the Art of Bath Time Ambiance

Transforming Your Soak with 6 Easy Tips.

Bathers, let’s be real. Ambiance can make or break an experience. In order to ensure that your bathtime is top notch, consider our six simple suggestions. With these thoughts in mind, you’ll be on your way to creating the perfect bathtime atmosphere. 

1. It’s what o’clock?

Oftentimes, bathtime is associated with the evening, but TOA Waters encourages bathers to reconsider this idea. Rather than thinking about ending your day with bathtime for the sake of it, why not ask yourself what time of day is most ideal for you? For some, the answer will be evenings. For others, however, starting the day with a soak could be invigorating and revitalizing. Still, for others a midday soak might mean peace and quiet. You know yourself best. In order to create a relaxing environment, you’ll need to pick a time when you can, we’ll, relax and unwind.

2. Lights Lights Baby

Lighting is key. Think about what serves you best. Do you like soft rays of natural light? Are candles more your speed? Perhaps you’re more of a lights in the water kind of bather. Consider your preferences and experiment until the mood is just right!

3. All Natural

If a bath is truly to be soothing, consider what you’re using. When possible, go natural with your bubbles. Fresh and fine ingredients such as those found in our signature bubble bath collection will nourish your skin and senses without causing any irritation. 

4. Let Me Entertain You

We don’t always think about what we will be doing in the bath, but now, we are telling you to think about it. Will you be sharing your suds with a partner, reading a book, listening to a podcast, or sipping on something sweet? Consider what will tickle your fancy before you soak and prepare yourself! There’s nothing worse than being a bored or stranded bather!

5. Pump the Jams

Beautiful young woman taking a bubble bath while listening to music

We are not talking grape or seedless raspberry here (unless jelly toast is your thing in the tub). Consider what you’d like to listen to while you soak. If your preference is silence, honor that. If you need some calming instrumentals, make that happen. Some bathers need a little something different. Maybe you unwind with a little old-school country music or perhaps it’s that epic true crime podcast. Bathing is about all of the senses, so remember to pay attention to the sounds that will envelope you.

6. Now What?

If you’re paying such careful attention to the actual experience of bathing, don’t forget to consider what happens when bathtime is over. There’s no better way to burst your bubble than having to make a cold mad dash for a towel. Before you dip your toes in, make sure to set up your cozy wear; it’s the best way to ensure that your luxurious experience continues.

As you can see, when it comes to bathing, there is no “one size fits all” approach. Creating and maintaining the perfect experience begins with knowing and honoring your own unique preferences. That is truly the TOA way! 

So, what’s your perfect bathtime atmosphere? We’d love to know!

Rub-a-dub-dub, bathers!


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