Top 6 Most Beautiful Bathtubs from Around the Globe

Explore these stunning bathtubs that you can actually visit, located all around the world.

We all love a good bubble bath. There is something about having the warm water surround your body, all while having these luscious bubbles soothe and caress your skin. You can add music, candles, and rose petals all to enhance your bubble bath experience. Do you know what would take it to the next level? A beautiful tub to lounge in.

Explore these 6 most beautiful bathtubs from around the world. Many of which, you can actually visit yourself – with a bottle of TOA Waters, of course.

#6 A Tub Handcrafted from the Calden Trees

You read this correctly, the Mio Buenos Aires Hotel has a bathtub carved out of a Calden Tree. This is truly a work of art! Is a trip to Buenos Aires, South America in your near future?

#5 Views Galore

Just imagine gazing out into the Blue Lagoon, all while relaxing in the bubble bathtub. The Retreat in Reykjavik, Iceland has it all.

#4 Bathing in a Hanging Sphere

The Bathsphere is a huge hanging ball that you can take a bubble bath in. Designed by Alexander Zhukovsky, this tub stimulates rain, can change the temperature inside the tub, adjust lights, humidity, sounds, and even smells. It has it all! While you cannot visit a hotel to enjoy this tub, you can learn more about it here.

#3 Bird’s Eye View

This tub will give you a bird’s eye view of Sydney. Make your way to Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour to experience this beautiful tub!

#2 By the Sea, by the Sea, by the Beautiful Sea

It doesn’t get better than this! A private outdoor bubble bathtub is located right next to the ocean. This stunning resource in Cambodia will leave you relaxed and refreshed.

#1 Tub Located right out of a scene from the Lion King

Ok, well, this tub is not literally located from a scene of the Lion King, but it is the next best thing. In this tub, you can watch wild animals roam the surrounding plains, right from the safety of your outdoor bathroom. Located in Madikwe Hills, Madikwe, South Africa, this is a must-see.


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