Discover the Rich Ingredients Inside of our Bubble Baths

A Deep Dive Inside of our Bubble Baths

A large part of treating yourself right is understanding what feels right.  Here at TOA Waters, we believe that an informed bather is a happy bather, and we are all about happy bathers. 

We’ve been telling you all along that our products are made with the finest ingredients. We’ve been telling you all about the rejuvenating and beneficial ingredients, but perhaps you’ve been left wanting to know a bit more.

It’s time to dive inside TOA’s Bubble Baths to discover what the hype is all about.

Follow along with us as we learn more about the ingredients that make TOA bubble baths one of a kind. 

What’s Inside?

- Whole Milk: Milk that nourishes and cleanses your skin. Our whole milk contains proteins, enzymes, amino acids, and antioxidants, all incredibly valuable for your skin. Milk proteins make your skin feel smooth to the touch and help to strengthen skin structure.

- Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract: The natural way to hydrate and refresh your skin. This extract will help to remove dead skin cells, all while protecting and rebuilding your skin.

- Chamomilla Recutita (Chamomile) Flower Extract: Time to soothe that dry skin of yours. This extract will promote the healing of any skin irritations, sunburn, rash, and minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. We got your back.

- Witch Hazel: No, not the witch from Wizard of Oz. This natural ingredient will balance your skin’s moisture without drying it out.

Understanding what sets TOA products apart from the rest means understanding how to treat your body right! Still curious? Contact us with any and all burning curiosities! 


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