10 Most Adorable Pups Lathered in Some Sensational Suds


TOA Waters is all about celebrating our favorite four-legged bathers. In honor of National Dog Day on August 26, 2021, please enjoy an adorable montage of the cutest K9s lathered in some silly and sensational bubble bath suds!

1. The Teeny Chihuahua Taking a Bubble Bath

Be honest, does this tub make me look big?

2. The Super Cute Little Terrier Taking a Bubble Bath with Two Paws Up

A little something we’ll call the boujee bather.

3. The Adorable Young Golden Retriever Covered in Soapy Bubbles

I see you looking at me goatee.

4. The Not-So-Serious French Bulldog Taking a Bath

Excuse me, may I have some privacy please?

5. Happiness is a Yellow Labrador Retriever...Taking a Bubble Bath

Come on in; the water’s great!

6. Just Can't Hold my Excitement In - The Little Dachshund, Black and Tan, Bathing in Some Suds

Don’t mind me; I’m just living my mohawk dreams!

7. Funny Russian Long Haired Toy Terrier Soaking Wet in the Bathtub

Well, I found my ears.

8. Full-on Hand Massage Enjoyed by this Spoiled Welsh Corgi Pembroke

I could get used to this life.

9. The Golden Labrador Performing the Rubber Duckie Balancing Act

I like it when all my ducks are in a row.

10. Mixed Breed Shepherd Taking a Shower with Soap and Water

Santa called; he wants his look back.

Is your pup crazy about bubble bath time? Share your photos with TOA Waters at info@toawaters.com for a chance to see your pal featured on our social media platforms!


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