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What's with the name - TOA Waters?

We've received lots of questions – What does TOA Waters stand for? What's with the name? Where did it come from? What is a t-o-a?

The answer is simple.

When our founder, Javi, envisioned creating this company, he wanted to give it a name that not only embodied strength but that also honored his Cuban heritage.

The Toa River is considered the mightiest river in Cuba. The river is located in the Guantánamo Province of Cuba, which flows across the country. The Toa River is well known for its crystal-clear waters.

According to Batacoa.org, "The watershed of the Toa River occupies around 70% of the Reservation of the Biosphere that takes the name of Knives of the Toa "Cuchilla del Toa", this constitutes one of the more important regions in Cuba and the Caribbean, that comes given by the values of its biological diversity, the variety of its landscapes, the peculiarity of its ecosystems and the high presence of endemic species in flora and fauna, constituting the refuge and species center oldest of Cuba."

As you can see, TOA Waters is the perfect name for a company dedicated to creating premium bubble baths for the rough and tough. Plus, it honors the roots of where the founder came from. While born in the United States, he grew up deeply rooted in Cuban traditions. That's what makes America so great! It's a melting pot of so many different people- from all parts of the world.

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