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Burning Question. What is the ideal water temperature for a bubble bath?

You must be wondering - What is the perfect bathing temperature for a bubble bath?

We all know about the fantastic health benefits that a bubble bath can provide – stress relive, remove toxins for the body, soothe aches and pains, etc. But what is the ideal temperature of your bath water to receive these benefits?

We’ve scrounged the internet for some answers. Here is what we found.

Everyone has different preferences and needs. There is no one magic number for your bathwater. However, different bathwater temperatures can help you in different situations.

  • Cold baths - A cold bubble bath (aka bubble bath) can help you wake up in the morning! It will give you a burst of energy, making you feel awake and active. A cold bath can also help to relieve hives.
  • 32/25C (89.6F) and below - Hey gals, feeling warm during pregnancy? Be sure to take care of yourself when taking a bubble bath! Doctors recommend keeping the water temperature below 89.6F – but always consult your doctor for peace of mind (we are not the medical experts).
  • 92F – Experts say that a warm bubble bath at 92F is best to help relax your body. The water temperature will not be too warm to burn your skin, but rather soothe and relax those muscles.
  • 104F – Oh, boy! You like it hot! Be careful, if the water is too hot, it can dry out your skin. If the water temperature is 104F, you may not be in a bathtub after all, but rather a hot tub! Did you know that a hot tub is usually around 104F?

EXPERT TIP: Need to test the temperature of the water? Either use a thermometer (duh), or if you don’t have one handy, use your wrist. Your wrist – not your hands - will provide you with a better gauge of how the water will feel once your whole body is submerged.

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