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DIY Bubble Bath Costume

Halloween is just around the corner. And, just like many of you, you are stuck at home with the kids looking for a fun activity to do.

There's no better way to get your kids in the Halloween spirit by having them make their own costume! Sure, you can go to your local Spirit Halloween store, but what's the fun of that when you can make it yourself, right at home!

Here's a fun, do it yourself, bubble bath costume step by step guide. Don't worry, it’s super easy to do. No sewing is required. This project should take you no more than 15-20 minutes to complete and will cost around $20-$30, depending on what you have lying around in your house.

You got this!

Here are the materials you will need:

· White Latex Balloons

· White Shirt & Pants

· Shower cap (the funkier, the better!)

· Rubber Cement

· Safety Pins

· Rubber Duck Pool Float

Step 1:

White latex balloons (strings not needed).

Blow up a bunch of balloons. Feel free to fill them with air in different sizes: small ones, medium ones, and large ones. Make sure the kids help out too!

Step 2:

Have your child run around in circles until they lose about 87% of their energy. You don't want them too tired that they will fall asleep on you. Just tired enough so you can have them stand still without moving around too much.

Now that your kid has released most of their energy, have them put on the white shirt and pants. Carefully, start to pin the balloon in clusters on the shirt and pants. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT COMPLETE THIS STEP WITH A FEW DRINKS IN YOU. You want to have all your senses, at full capacity, while using the safety pins.

Pro Tip: When you are pinning the balloons, don't pop them! Insert the safety pin to the white headband, then attached it to the fabric.

Step 3:

Grab your rubber cement and the leftover balloons. Glue some of the balloons, again, in random clusters, on the inflatable rubber duckie pool float.

Step 4:

My go-to Crazy shower cap are the pink unicorns. You can never go wrong.

Now for the final touch. Grab your crazy shower cap and plan it on top of your child's head.

Step 5:

The costume is complete! Proceed to take tons of photos and upload them to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat – whatever your social media of choice. Be sure to use the hashtag #GetYourTOAon so we can see your fabulous creations.

Step 6:

TOA Waters Casanova Foam Bath
TOA Waters Casanova Bubble Baths

Now that your kid is all excited to be a bubble bath for Halloween, treat him/her to the real thing! Grab your favorite bottle of TOA Waters bubble bath, fill the tub, and enjoy! That warm bath will put anyone at ease.

Your child will soon be bathed and ready for bed. You now have the night to yourself. Perhaps you should treat yourself to a relaxing bubble bath as well! Enjoy!

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