Celebrating our 1-Year Anniversary. A Float Down Memory Lane. - TOA Waters

Celebrating our 1-Year Anniversary. A Float Down Memory Lane.

Celebrating TOA Waters' First Anniversary: A Journey of Passion and Community

A Year of Growth and Community

Today marks the first anniversary of TOA Waters! It all began with a vision and determination, but the true essence of what has nurtured and sustained TOA Waters over the past year is the incredible community of bathers and believers. Without their unwavering support, we wouldn't be where we are today. To commemorate this significant milestone, let’s take a float down memory lane and celebrate the people and moments that have shaped our journey.

Milestone Memories and Highlights

  • The TOA Waters Logo: Designed by the talented illustrator, Corey, the logo perfectly blends elements of water and strength, influenced by Javier’s love for mythology. Look closely, and you might discover secrets hidden within the intricate design, such as the circular tail movements symbolizing a shell's inside and waves.

  • Website Launch: Javier and his team worked meticulously to launch the new TOA Waters website, featuring a rich layout and user-friendly features, enhancing the shopping experience with unique bath accessories and bubble baths for everyone.

  • Product Development: Frustrated by the lack of bold scents in the market, Javier created 'Casanova,' a scent embodying his vision for a company that would revolutionize bubble baths for men and women alike.

  • Community Engagement: From the local radio station's visit to make bubble baths in support of cancer to sponsoring educational events like the 2021 Rookie Symposium & Showcase, TOA Waters has actively participated in community building and social responsibility.

  • Event Participation: Despite challenges such as less-than-ideal booth placements at events like the Heritage Festival in Silver Springs, Maryland, Javier’s spirit remained undeterred, embodying the resilience and passion that define TOA Waters.

Reflections from Javier Folgar

Javier reflects on the journey, "It’s not just about the products we've developed; it's about the stories we've created and the lives we've touched. The kind support from strangers, the dedication of my family, and the love from our community have all played a part in our success. My parents and friends have been instrumental, from the nerve-racking first interviews to managing new machinery and fulfilling orders."

Looking Forward

As TOA Waters continues to grow, we hold onto the lessons learned and the joy brought by our community. The first year was filled with both challenges and victories, but most importantly, it was a testament to the power of a dream supported by a community. Here's to many more years of 'unpoppable' success and sud-tastic celebrations with our beloved bathers.

Thank you to everyone who has joined us on this incredible journey. Here’s to celebrating many more milestones together!

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