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Top 11 Songs to Add to Your Bubble Bath Playlist

Update Your Bath Time Playlist with TOA Waters' Top Picks


Has it been a while since you updated your bath time playlist, or perhaps you don’t have one yet? TOA Waters is here to enhance your bubble bath experience with our curated list of top 11 bath time playlist must-haves. Get ready to turn your bath into the ultimate splash bash!

TOA Waters' Ultimate Bath Time Playlist

Dive into our selection of tunes that will make every bubble bath feel like a weekend retreat, no matter what day of the week it is:

  1. Weekend Vibes: Enjoy this tune by Johnson and pretend it's the weekend—even if it's only Wednesday! Bonus points if you make pancakes after soaking.

  2. Powerful Anthems: Every bather needs that pick-me-up song. Belt it out; the bathtub’s your stage!

  3. Relaxing Duos: A sexy little duo to get you in the relaxation mode. Perfect for a serene evening soak.

  4. Bubble-themed Tunes: Any song that mentions bubbles is appropriate, right? Immerse yourself in the lyrics as you enjoy the bubbles.

  5. Country Soothing: Let Brett’s smooth country voice soothe you as you soak in your bubble bath.

  6. Thoughtful Reflections: "Waiting on the World to Change" can inspire big dreams and reflections, all from the comfort of your tub.

  7. Clever Titles: Enjoy cleverly titled songs that remind you that bathing in parkas and loafers isn't typical.

  8. Smooth Voices: Norah Jones’ voice is as smooth as butter. Let her songs carry you away into a luxurious sudsy escape.

  9. Reset Button: Sometimes, a bubble bath is just the reset you need. Find songs that help clear your mind and refresh your spirit.

  10. Deep Reflections: Harry Styles offers deeper lyrics that are perfect for some introspective soaking.

  11. Romantic Vibes: End with Selena's "Dreaming of You," a sensual pop ballad that’s perfect for thinking about that special someone.


Happy listening, bubble bath bathers! May your bubbles be bold, your scents soothing, and your dance moves delightfully cheesy. Enjoy this specially crafted playlist that promises to transform your ordinary bath into an extraordinary relaxation session.

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