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A Treasure and a Good Samaritan

Celebrating TOA Waters' First Anniversary: A Story of Kindness and Community


As TOA Waters approaches its first anniversary, I reflect on a year filled with memorable milestones, heartwarming community support, and unexpected lessons in kindness. I recently had an experience that encapsulated all these elements, involving a cherished scrapbook and a series of fortunate events.

The Cherished Scrapbook

My mother, deeply involved in our family business, had meticulously compiled a scrapbook capturing TOA Waters' special moments from its inaugural year. This included everything from family contributions during the holiday rush to media features and local community engagements. This scrapbook, crafted with love and care by my mother, held immense sentimental value for our family.

A Fateful Mistake

In a rush to return home from New Jersey to Maryland, I accidentally left the precious scrapbook on the roof of my car. Unaware, I drove off, leading to the scrapbook's contents being scattered along Valley Road in New Jersey. It was during a routine stop to refuel that I discovered the mishap through an email from a kind stranger who had found the remnants of the scrapbook.

Community to the Rescue

This stranger, having come across the scattered pages, reached out via TOA Waters' contact form. She, along with her mother, went out of their way to gather and return the pages to my parents' home. Despite most of the scrapbook being recovered, a few pages were still missing, including my mother's favorite one featuring a photo adorned with a white bow.

A Happy Resolution

Miraculously, this favorite page was also returned by the kind woman’s mother, who found it separately and brought it to my parents. This act of kindness from complete strangers deeply touched us all, demonstrating the profound goodness in people.

Gratitude and Reflection

This incident, while initially distressing, turned into a profound reminder of the kindness that surrounds us and the resilience of our community. My parents’ effort to retrieve the lost pages and the willingness of the strangers to help recover our memories were incredibly moving. My mother even offered to recreate the scrapbook, a gesture that speaks volumes of her love and dedication.


As we celebrate TOA Waters' first year, this experience reinforces our gratitude for every individual who has touched our lives, from family and friends to kind strangers. It's a poignant reminder that often, it's the community and shared human kindness that truly define our successes and help us through challenges. Thank you to everyone who has been part of our journey. Here's to many more years of making memories and nurturing the bonds that support and enrich us. – Javier Folgar, founder of TOA Waters.

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