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7 Steps to Create the Perfect Bubble Bath Experience

It’s Sunday night. You’ve had an exhausting week. Lucky for you, you know that there is nothing a warm bath can’t solve. Here are seven steps for creating the perfect bubble bath experience.

  1. A clean bathroom is a happy tub. As Marie Kondo once said, “The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.”

    Long story short, nobody wants to get into a nasty tub! Clean it up! You’ll be amazing what a little elbow grease can do. I know what you are thinking – but I’m so tired. I know you are exhausted. Ok, I get it. At least grab that Clorox bathroom spray and give it a few squirts around the tub. You’ll be much happier in the end.

    clorox bathroom foamer
  1. Add some flare. Now that your bathroom is clean add a little pizazz to it. Grab some red roses, pluck the petals out, and scatter them around the tub. Short on red roses? Grab a glass jar and fill it with some f*cken seashells. Get creative and have fun!

    Bathroom tub filled with red roses and bubble bath
  1. Lighting. The right amount of light can make a huge difference in your tub-relaxation experience. Turn off those sterol fluorescent bulbs and grab some candles. Light those bad boys up, and you’ll be well on your way for a night of pure pleasure.

    Romantic candles inside of the bathroom
  1. Set the tunes on volume 3. Find some relaxing music on Spotify – or whatever streaming service you have. Maybe your spot of tea is Mariah Carey, or perhaps it’s more of a Boyz to Men kind of night. Once you find the perfect station, set it on volume 3. You don’t want to have the music blaring, but rather gently singing in the background. Trust me; I’ve spent years figuring this one out.

    Boyz to Men Album cover
  1. Grab some drinks! Grab a bottle of wine. Grab a case of beer. Grab a glass of water. Whatever your drink of choice may be, have it ready right by the tub. You can even grab a TV dinner table to place your beverages on. Hell, if you want to, grab a bag of chips. Go at it. It’s your night. Do what makes you happy.

    case of Heineken Lager Beer
  1. Run the bathwater. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Tub time! Run that bad boy and fill that tub up. Remember, you don’t want the tub water scorching hot but rather lukewarm. Burning hot water dries out your skin. You’re also not a fu*ken lobster. Don’t come out of the tub looking like a fu*ken lobster.

    As the water is running, grab a bottle of bubble bath. Don't get the cheap stuff. Go for the bottle of TOA Waters. Remember, you're a player. You don't mess around. You're in it to win it. The night is yours.

    Bathroom tub filling with water getting ready for a bubble bath
  1. Slide right in and relax. You’ve prepared yourself for this moment. You’ve earned it. Now, gently slip yourself into the tub. Grab that cold glass of beer (or whatever you decided to drink) and take it all in.

    Young man relaxing in a bubble bath

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