Bubble baths and UTI. Can Baths Really Cause Infections?

Are the myths true? Can bubble baths really cause urinary tract infections?

You must be wondering. Can bubble baths really cause a urinary tract infection (UTI)?

Before we dive into this question, let's understand what we are dealing with. If you pee often with urgency, combined with pelvic pain, or a burning sensation when you pee, or even have blood in your urine - there is a good chance you have a UTI. These infections are also known as bladder infections.

This infection occurs when bacteria enters your body through the urethra, which is the entrance to the urinary tract. The infection then travels all the way up to the bladder.

Yes, we know, this is not fun. If you end up experiencing fever, vomiting, nausea, or even back pain, then the infection may have moved up from your bladder to your kidneys. Yikes.

Keep in mind, if you ever experience these symptoms please see a medical professional.

Can I get a UTI from taking bubble baths?

Now, let's talk about ways to prevent UTIs. Or, better yet, can I get a UTI from taking bubble baths?

When it comes to taking bubble baths, there is no need to eliminate this amazing, relaxation from your routine altogether. However, if you experience urinary discomfort often, your soap may be the culprit.

According to One Medical, you should use "a mild, pH-balanced soap, and avoid soaking for long periods in a bubbly tub to prevent urethral irritation."

Luckily, here at TOA Waters, we pride ourselves on using the best ingredients. That's why our bubble baths are all-natural, organic, balanced, and have no nasty chemicals.

So if you enjoy taking bubble baths, soak away with TOA Waters, knowing that you are using the best possible ingredients for your skin and body. Of course, if you experience any discomfort, always consult with a medical professional.


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