Myth Busters - Presidential Edition. Did President Taft get Stuck in his Bathtub? - TOA Waters

Myth Busters - Presidential Edition. Did President Taft get Stuck in his Bathtub?

Debunking the Presidential Tub Tale: Did Taft Really Get Stuck?

It's a story that might not conjure up visions of sugar plums, but it's certainly sticky. With Presidents' Day upon us, it's the perfect time to clear up a long-standing presidential rumor: Did President William Howard Taft really get stuck in his bathtub? This anecdote has become one of the most enduring tales about America's 27th President.

The Tale of Taft and the Tub

President Taft is often remembered for his considerable size, and it's true—he did once overflow a White House bathtub. However, contrary to popular belief, there is no evidence to support that he ever got stuck in one. While it makes for a humorous story, the truth is somewhat less sensational.

The Real Bathtub Story

After winning the election in 1908, Taft had a special bathtub installed to accommodate his girth. This wasn't just any tub; it was a colossal fixture built by a Manhattan-based company, weighing a literal ton and measuring over seven feet in length. Historical photographs depict this tub being so large that four adult men could sit in it comfortably side by side. This custom bathtub was one of several installed in the White House and other properties frequented by Taft during his presidency.

Setting the Record Straight

TOA Waters is here to set the record straight: While Taft’s size did require custom-made bathtubs, there's no factual basis for the myth that he was ever physically stuck in one. Next time this story bubbles up, you'll know the real scoop. We hate to burst your bubble, but it seems President Taft managed to avoid bursting his!

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