Celebrate Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary by revisiting the "Pluto's Bubble Bath" episode - TOA Waters

Celebrate Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary by revisiting the "Pluto's Bubble Bath" episode

Celebrate Disney's 50th Anniversary with a Nostalgic Bubble Bath Experience

Walt Disney World is celebrating their 50th Anniversary! This grand celebration, which began on October 1, 2021, is set to enchant visitors for 18 months with its magical festivities. What could be a more delightful way to join in the festivities than by revisiting a cherished memory from the Mickey Mouse Club?

A Nostalgic Episode: Pluto's Bubble Bath

Let's throw it back to the "Pluto's Bubble Bath" episode, a beloved gem from the second season of the Mickey Mouse Club, which first aired on Playhouse Disney on September 6, 2008. The episode features Bella and Clarabelle who visit Mickey Mouse for tea and biscuits, only to find Pluto covered in dirt and in dire need of a bath. The fun begins when Pluto's bath leads to unexpected adventures with Mickey and Pluto trapped inside giant floating bubbles! To find out how the gang rescues them, you'll just have to watch the episode yourself.

Bubble Bath Fun for Kids

After watching the episode, why not continue the fun with a themed bubble bath for the kids? TOA Waters' bubble baths are perfect for turning bath time into an adventure. For a scent that kids adore, consider trying our Sweet Temptation bubble bath, which has the delicious aroma of a chocolate candy bar, or Caribbean Sands, which evokes the allure of a tropical beach getaway.

Make Disney's 50th anniversary celebration a memorable one with an episode that brings laughter and joy, paired perfectly with a luxurious and fun bubble bath. It's a wonderful way to engage with Disney magic from the comfort of your own home!

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