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Top 5 Bubble Bath and Beer Pairing this Summer

Tub Crawl: The Ultimate Beer and Bubble Bath Pairing Guide


Who needs a pub crawl when you could have a tub crawl? With the Fourth of July around the corner, it's time to elevate your celebration with TOA Waters' unique "bubbles and brews" pairing guide. Forget the usual barbecues and fireworks; dive into our beer and bubble bath combinations for an unforgettable experience.

Perfect Pairings for a Festive Soak

Chocolate and Bubbles

Pair our Sweet Temptation Bubble Bath with Yuengling Hershey Chocolate Porter. Enjoy the luxurious blend of chocolatey flavors in both your glass and your tub.

Earthy Aromas Meet Fruity Tones

Match our Lockwood Forest Bubble Bath with Sea Dog’s Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale. The earthy notes of the bath complement the sweet, natural flavors of the ale.

Bold and Rich

For something with a kick, try our After Midnight Bubble Bath alongside Innis and Gunn’s Kindred Spirits Irish Whisky Barrel Aged Stout. This pairing promises rich scents and robust flavors.

Light and Refreshing

If you prefer something lighter, soak in Casanova Bubbles while sipping on Allagash White. This combination is sure to leave you feeling suave and refreshed.

Tropical Escape

Craving a tropical escape? Combine our Caribbean Sands Bubble Bath with Fat Point’s Hoppin Harbor Tropical Pale Ale. Immerse yourself in tropical scents and fruity notes that transport you to the beach.

Enhance Your Tub Crawl Experience

Essential Accessories

Don't forget to equip yourself with a shower drink holder to keep your beer handy without a spill. Swap your spatulas for loofahs, and prepare for a festive splash this Fourth of July.

Drink Responsibly

As always, while enjoying our tub crawl experience, please drink responsibly.

Celebrate this Fourth of July with a splash by indulging in our curated beer and bubble bath pairings.

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