Digging into TOA Waters' Roots. The Inspiration Behind the Suds. - TOA Waters

Digging into TOA Waters' Roots. The Inspiration Behind the Suds.

TOA Waters: Reimagining the Art of Bathing

Beyond the Roses: Unearthing Individuality

At TOA Waters, we believe in digging deeper than superficial pleasures. It's not just about stopping to smell the roses; it's about unearthing truth, individuality, and passion. Our philosophy extends beyond traditional norms to embrace the unique essence of every individual.

The Birth of a Unique Concept

After years of indulging in traditional, floral-scented baths, our founder Javier found himself dissatisfied with smelling like roses after every bath. He noticed a significant gap in the market:

  1. There were no bubble bath products catering to the rugged individual.
  2. A noticeable social stigma surrounded men who enjoyed bubble baths.

Fueled by these observations, Javier envisioned a company that would challenge societal norms and redefine the bubble bath experience.

The Creation of "Brawny Scented" Bubble Baths

Steering away from conventional sweet and floral scents, Javier developed a line of "brawny scented" bubble baths. This innovative range was designed to shatter stereotypes, allowing men to indulge in bubble baths without compromising their image and giving women more robust scent choices beyond flowers and glitter.

A Tribute to Heritage and Dreamers

Javier named his company TOA Waters after the mightiest river in Cuba, honoring his heritage and the relentless spirit of dreamers who have shaped history. Since opening its virtual doors in September 2020, TOA Waters has proudly catered to bold bathers, offering "brawntastic" scented products that have quickly become a household name.

Elevating Bath Time

TOA Waters has redefined how individuals enjoy their time in the tub. Our products are made from the finest, responsibly sourced, and cruelty-free ingredients, appealing to hardworking individuals who aren't afraid to treat themselves well. As Matshona Dhliwayo said, "It is in the roots, not the branches, that a tree’s greatest strength lies." At TOA Waters, our roots are designed to empower and celebrate the individual, ensuring that these values firmly stick with our community.

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