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Bathroom Confessions - 11 Raw & Outrageous Stories from Real People in their Bathtubs

Embrace the Bubbles: TOA Waters' Bath Time Confessions


At TOA Waters, we cherish authenticity and encourage our bubble bath enthusiasts to share their unique and quirky bathing experiences. Here are some of the most memorable bathtub confessions from our community.

Bathtub Tales: The Quirky and the Unforgettable

Mike's In-Law Surprise - New Jersey

After getting engaged, Mike joined his fiancé's family on a trip to Florida. One evening, while his in-laws were out, he decided to indulge in a relaxing bubble bath in the master bathroom—with snacks in tow. The peace was shattered by his mother-in-law's unexpected return, leading to an awkward yet memorable encounter in the dark.

Ani's Drain Discovery - New York

In her new apartment's vintage tub, Ani struggled for two years with a faulty drain. The mystery was solved by accident when she stumbled upon a hidden pipe, which turned out to be the drain stop. Celebrating the discovery, she enjoyed a marathon bubble bath session with beer and a season of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Robert's Discreet Photo - Pennsylvania

Robert reminisced about an old girlfriend and discovered a discreet photo of them enjoying a bubble bath together during their college days. While the photo captured a fond memory, he decided it was best not to share it with her daughter due to its intimate nature.

Dana's Early Morning Ritual - New York

To combat restlessness, Dana takes early morning Epsom salt baths, complete with a body wash for extra bubbles. She enjoys these moments with a sippy cup of water, a candle, and occasionally broadcasts live "Tub Talks" during her soak.

Aleksandar's Renovation Relief - Colorado

After a grueling day of home renovations, Aleksandar decided to unwind with a hot bubble bath and a bottle of wine. The relaxation was perfect until the wine led to a rebound headache, teaching him a lesson about moderation.

Lauren's Mommy Time - New Jersey

Lauren uses her bubble baths as a personal retreat from the chaotic life of motherhood. Her message to other moms is to cherish these moments of solitude and self-care, knowing their children love them unconditionally.

Eva's Travel Ritual - California

A frequent traveler, Eva always requests hotel rooms with bathtubs to ensure she can enjoy her beloved bath rituals, complete with bath bombs or salts, regardless of the tub's quality.

Nicole's Peace Corps Memory - Massachusetts

During her Peace Corps service in South Africa, Nicole cherished her bubble baths with luxury bath salts from a game reserve, which added a touch of indulgence to her bucket baths and helped her reminisce about her adventures.

Mike's Childhood Games - Oregon

As a child, Mike enjoyed underwater races with his Scooby-Doo Hot Wheels in the bath, creating joyful memories with his favorite toys.

Alyson's Spa Replacement - Texas

Missing spa days with her friends during the pandemic, Alyson compensates by enjoying weekly sessions in her home whirlpool jacuzzi, keeping this indulgence her little secret.

Luis' Post-Hike Routine - DC

After contracting Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Luis plans to combine showers with bubble baths as a defensive strategy against ticks, using hot water and soap to ensure extra protection.

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