Pretty Woman Bubble Bath Scene

7 Most Iconic Bubble Baths Moments in Cinematic History

Bath Time Goes Hollywood: Iconic Bubble Bath Moments in Cinema


For most, bath time is about relaxation and rejuvenation. However, at TOA Waters, we blend the everyday with the extraordinary. As the 2021 Oscars near, let's dive into some of cinematography's most memorable bubble bath scenes. Prepare to cue the bubbles and soak in these spectacular moments!

"Pretty Woman" - Julia Roberts

Film Scene: Vivian's Sudsy Singalong
In a playful and iconic moment, Julia Roberts, playing Vivian, delights in a bubble bath, singing Prince’s Kiss. A lesser-known fact: during filming, director Gary Marshall orchestrated a prank by having the cast and crew stealthily exit the set, leaving Roberts to discover the deserted set mid-soak.

"Fatal Attraction" - Alex Forrest

Film Scene: A Dramatic Conclusion
In the film's climax, Alex Forrest meets a tragic end in a bathtub, an intense scene that leaves a lasting impression. Tragically, repeated submersions led to the lead actress suffering eye and nose infections due to the unsanitary water conditions used during filming.

"Some Like It Hot" - Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe

Film Scene: Bubbles and Disguises
Tony Curtis, portraying both Joe and Josephine, finds himself in a bubbly predicament. Marilyn Monroe, struggling with illness the day before, caused the simple two-minute bubble bath scene to extend throughout an entire day of filming.

"Girl, Interrupted" - Winona Ryder

Film Scene: Cold Water Therapy
Winona Ryder's character, Susanna Kaysen, experiences a form of unconventional therapy involving a bathtub filled with cold water. This scene symbolizes the potential for personal change, as administered by Nurse Valerie, played by Whoopi Goldberg.

"Splendor in the Grass" - Natalie Wood

Film Scene: Emotional Unraveling in the Tub
Natalie Wood portrays Deanie Loomis, a character grappling with sexual repression and emotional turmoil. In a raw and vulnerable moment, she breaks down in a bathtub, a scene that challenged societal norms of the era.

"Splash" - Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks

Film Scene: Mermaid in Manhattan
In a magical twist, Daryl Hannah’s character, a mermaid named Madison, uses a bathtub to transition from human to mermaid. This iconic scene captures the enchanting and whimsical essence of the film.

"Barry Lyndon" - Marisa Berenson

Film Scene: The Chilling Bath of Lady Lyndon
Director Stanley Kubrick’s insistence on perfection turned a simple bath scene into a chilling ordeal for Marisa Berenson, who portrayed Lady Lyndon. Despite the dropping water temperatures, Kubrick demanded precision in water level maintenance, adding to the scene's intensity.

Conclusion: Bath Time Beyond the Screen

While our bathing experiences may not involve the drama and glamour of Hollywood, they can still be luxurious and comforting. Explore the world of TOA Waters premium bubble baths and elevate your bath time to star-studded heights. Enjoy the blend of relaxation and cinematic flair every time you step into the tub!

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