2022 Bubble Baths and Holiday Gift Pairing Guide

Bubble Bath Gift Pairing Ideas that Everyone will Love

It’s that time of year, folks. Many of you are making lists and checking them twice. We know you’re not trying to figure out who’s naughty or nice. No, you’re trying to figure out what in the world to give to the people on your list, aren’t you?

Boxes of chocolates, bottles of wine, and mittens and scarves are great, but what about trying something different this year?

In the past, TOA Waters has put together some fun bubble baths and gift pairings to inspire your holiday shopping, and we will not leave you hanging this year!

Here’s the thing, 2022 has us tackling a new and exciting angle for our gift guide. This year, it’s all about uniqueness. Our premium bubble baths are like no other, so why not pair them with the kind of gifts people haven’t received yet?

Browse through our suggestions and we give you the TOA guarantee that you won’t be bursting any bubbles with these quirky combinations!

The After Midnight bubble bath is for those bold and confident individuals in your life. Why not reciprocate their dynamic nature by pairing this scent with an espresso martini infusion kit from Uncommon Goods? I mean, let’s be real. What packs a bigger punch than espresso and a little bit of booze?

Our Cara Cara bubble bath is all about refreshment, revitalization, zest and energy. What better tool is there for refreshment and revitalization than some good old hearty laughter? Try pairing Cara Cara with The Game of Phones from Uncommon goods. Between the citrus and the laughter, this zesty combo will leave your loved ones feeling young at heart.

When you think of our Caribbean Sands bubble bath, we want you to think about a warm and tropical oasis. We want you to picture nature at its prime. That’s why we suggest pairing Caribbean Sands with a butterfly biome from Uncommon Goods. Your loved one’s senses will soar with this exotic pairing.

The Casanova bubble bath is for those sophisticated and sexy individuals in your life. We suggest pairing this scent with a grilled personal pizza maker because what’s sexier than pizza? Hear us out. This combo works for two main reasons. Firstly, even the most sophisticated people on your shopping lists need to let loose and have some fun every once in a while. Secondly, those same sophisticated individuals might prefer a pizza-making experience that’s personalized to their preferences.

Our Crystal Winds bubble bath is all about exciting the senses, just as a cool breeze does when it kisses the skin. Try pairing this bubble bath with coats for your cold beer. Why? Well, because winds can make us shiver and beer bottles look adorable in jackets! Need to see for yourself? Check out this product from Uncommon Goods and the only cold your loved ones will experience is on their run from the tub to the towel.

The Debonair bubble bath is smooth, sexy, and alluring. Trying pairing it with bourbon-infused coffee from Uncommon Goods. This tantalizing combination will leave even those who are most difficult to please feeling like they’re on cloud 9!

Our Havana bubble bath was inspired by the beauty of the warm and tropical island of Cuba. Cool down this hot scent (but not literally) by pairing it with glowing bath time cubes from Uncommon Goods. This festive pairing surely embodies the vibrancy of Cuban culture.

Lockwood Forest Bubble Bath by TOA Waters

Lockwood Forest bubble bath is for those who like to find themselves lost in the woods, alone with nature. Commemorate this adventurous spirit in your loved ones with a personalized National Parks ornament from Uncommon Goods. This crafty combo will help your loved ones embrace their most precious journeys!

Our Lost Woods bubble bath is both enchanting and alluring. It is also fleeting, as can our memories with time. Try pairing this limited-edition scent with a create-your-own reel viewer to help your loved ones savor some of life’s most precious moments.

The Sweet Temptation bubble bath is for the people in your life who can’t say no to a little indulgence from time to time. Try pairing this scent with cookie house mug buddies from Uncommon Goods. The sweethearts in your life will be both soaking and sipping in all the candied goodness!

Our Tuscarora Creek bubble bath is crisp and fresh. They say the body-mind connection is important, don’t they? Trying pairing this scent with a mystery brain teaser game from Uncommon Goods that is sure to both challenge and refresh the mind. This stimulating combination is sure to keep your loved ones on their toes!


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