TOA Waters Is Bursting Gender Stereotypes In The Bathtub This Father’s Day - TOA Waters

TOA Waters Is Bursting Gender Stereotypes In The Bathtub This Father’s Day

Trendsetting Bubble Bath Company Redefines Gender Norms

FREDERICK, MD (June 16, 2023) – TOA Waters, a trendsetting bubble bath company, is kicking societal notions to the curb and reclaiming people’s bathtubs this Father’s Day.

Steering away from the typically “floral-scented” baths, the company offers a unique line of “bold-scented” bubble baths, breaking bathroom stereotypes - disrupting the bath industry. While so many companies in the bath industry only offer the cliche rose-scented bubble bath products that don't cater to everyone's preferences, TOA Waters has created a line of bubble baths that burst gender stereotypes, one bubble at a time.

Where men no longer worry about how indulging in a bubble bath will impact their image, or women, feeling as if flowery scents and a side of glitter are all that is available. TOA Waters provides bubble baths for the bold bather. Offering a line of bath products that are handmade with the finest ingredients and are 100% Vegan - enriched with organic coconut milk, B-vitamins, calcium, and much more. LGBTQ+/Latin-Small business owned, handcrafted, and proudly made in the USA – making a unique and memorable gift this Father’s Day.

“Gender. It’s not so pink and blue anymore. One just needs to glance around to realize that today’s culture has done much to shatter traditional gender roles,” said Javier Folgar, owner and founder of TOA Waters. “It’s about time we take charge and shatter those gender roles in the bathtub, starting with our bubble baths.”

For more information or to view the company’s bubble baths and Father’s Day gift sets, visit

About TOA Waters TOA Waters provides bubble bath products for the bold bather. Our high-quality bubble bath products are perfect for those who aren't afraid to make a statement. Whether you want to feel like you're traipsing through a lush forest or swimming in the vibrant Red Sea, our products will transport you there - all from the relaxing comfort of your own tub.

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