Small Start-up Releases New Bubble Bath in Celebration of Bat Week - TOA Waters

Small Start-up Releases New Bubble Bath in Celebration of Bat Week

TOA Waters Releases Cara Cara Bubble Bath, which Promotes the Importance of Bats to our Ecosystem

FREDERICK, MD (October 26, 2021) – TOA Waters, a small start-up bubble bath company, has released a new bubble bath in celebration of bats all around the world, just in time for Bat Week.

Bat Week, held annually from Oct. 24-31, is an international, annual celebration of the role of bats in nature. Comprised of more than 20 governmental and nonprofit partners, Bat Week is designed to raise awareness about the need for bat conservation.

TOA Waters’ newest bubble bath, Cara Cara, was inspired by the wonders of bats. This bubble bath highlights all the wonderful things that bats provided for us.

Many may not realize it, but bats are amazing pollinators. They help pollinate such fruits as guava and agave – fragrances inspired by this sweet and refreshing bubble bath.

“As a conservationist, I’ve spent over a decade of my career protecting wildlife and our natural resources. Now as the founder and owner of TOA Waters, I am happy to raise awareness of the benefits that wildlife provided to our ecosystem, including bats”, stated Javier Folgar, President of TOA Waters.

Mr. Folgar is considered a conservationist by day, “soapatier” by night. With over a decade of experience in the nonprofit world, Mr. Folgar has served in key roles protecting wildlife and our natural & cultural resources, including working for a nonprofit that works towards ending bat extinctions worldwide.

Bats are vital to the health of our natural world and economy. Although we may not always see them, bats are hard at work all around the world each night - eating tons of insects, pollinating flowers, and spreading seeds that grow new plants and trees.

TOA Waters offers premium bubble baths products for the bold bather. This month, the company just released their newest line of vegan bubble baths. Their unique bubble bath scents include elements like agave, lime wood, teakwood, rum, and cedar. Their bubble baths are enriched with coconut milk, botanical extracts, b-vitamins, and much more.

For the entire week of Bat Week, TOA Waters will be donating 10% of net sales from the Cara Cara bubble bath to organizations that protects bats worldwide.

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TOA Waters provides premium bubble baths products for the bold bather. Prepare to hike through a forest or swim in the Red Sea - all in the comfort of your tub. For more information or to view their products, visit

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