Havana Bubble Bath by TOA Waters. Photo by Rachael Folgar

New Havana Bubble Bath Released to Honor Founder’s Cuban Roots

Small Start-up Releases Havana Bubble Bath to Honor Founder’s Cuban Roots

FREDERICK, MD (November 9, 2021) – TOA Waters, a small start-up bubble bath company, has released a new vegan bubble bath called Havana, honoring founder’s Cuban Roots.

Javier Folgar, founder and owner of TOA Waters, wanted to create a bubble bath that not only celebrated his Cuban heritage, but also embodied the flavor, beat, and rich spices of this tropical island.

Inspired by his upbringing, this bubble bath draws inspiration of his time growing up in a Cuban household in New Jersey.

Pulling in flavors of Sandalwood, Rum, Smoky Tobacco Leaf, Vanilla, and Sweet Honey – this bubble bath is his way of paying tribute to his family roots.

“My Cuban heritage has always been a huge part of me. I wanted to raise awareness of the joy and the rich culture of the Cuban people by creating this irresistible bubble bath that draws inspiration from my upbringing”, stated Folgar.

This new bubble bath was features fragrances like sandalwood, fresh cherry wood, smoky tobacco leaf, and vanilla bean. Notes of rum, amaretto, and sweet honey top off this irresistible combination.

TOA Waters offers premium bubble baths for the bold bather. This fall the company released their newest line of vegan bubble baths. Their unique bubble bath scents include elements like agave, lime wood, teakwood, rum, and cedar.

Their bubble baths are enriched with coconut milk, botanical extracts, b-vitamins, and much more.

For more information, visit TOAwaters.com.

About TOA Waters
TOA Waters provides premium bubble baths products for the bold bather. Prepare to hike through a forest or swim in the Red Sea - all in the comfort of your tub. For more information or to view their products, visit TOAwaters.com.

Media Contact:
Javier Folgar
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