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Top 5 Health Benefits of Bubble Baths

Top 5 Health Benefits of Bubble Baths

You’re tired. You just had an exhausting day at work. Maybe you spent all day in the office. Perhaps you were chasing your kids around the house. Or, you could have been stuck in school all day. Whatever the situation may be, you are beat.

You come home. You seek the solace of a refreshing beverage. Perhaps a beer for those over 21 or a lovely cool tea for everyone else. You run the bath and squirt some TOA Water goodness in the tub.

As you slowly soak yourself in the warm, bubbly bath – not only do you feel amazing, but did you know that your body is receiving a sh*t ton of health benefits too.

Here are the top five health benefits of taking a bubble bath:

  1. Relieve Stress: Did you know that a short soak in the tub – something as little as 15 minutes – can calm your nerves, reduce your stress levels, and improve your overall mood. Talk about a major stress reliever!
  2. Better Night's Sleep: Countless studies have proven that relaxing in a warm tub is a great, natural way to help you fall asleep at night. Your body starts producing melatonin, a hormone that makes you chill out and relax. Eventually, you’ll dose off to la-la land. Sleep dreams.
  3. Release muscle tension: A warm bath will do wonders for sore muscles. Not only will a warm bubble bath soothe any muscle tension, but it will also speed up the ability for your muscles to heal and recover. Tip of the day – add an extra cup or two of Epsom salt in your bath for an extra dose of muscle relief.
  4. Alleviate Cold and Flu Symptoms: Feeling under the weather? Nose all clogged up? Take a dip in a warm bubble bath and the steam will open and clean your clogged nose, reducing congestion. It will also help to eliminate your headache and hopefully shorten that nasty illness you’re feeling.
  5. Better skin: A bubble bath that’s rich in moisturizers will help improve your skin. It will feel softer to the touch, just like a baby’s butt.

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