Top 11 Bubble Bath and Chocolate Pairing Guide - TOA Waters

Top 11 Bubble Bath and Chocolate Pairing Guide

Elevate Your Valentine's Day with Unique Bubble Bath and Chocolate Pairings from TOA Waters


This Valentine's Day, step away from the traditional poems and flowers and dive into something deliciously different. TOA Waters invites you to explore our chocolate and bubble bath pairing guide, perfect for those looking to treat their sweetheart—or themselves—to an extraordinary sensory experience.

TOA Waters' Valentine's Day Pairing Guide

Citrus and Spice: After Midnight and Belizean Chocolate

Enhance the citrus and dark spices of our After Midnight bubble bath with a fiery KawKaw 70% Dark Chocolate Bar with Chili from the BELIZE Chocolate Company. Revel in a dynamic pairing that celebrates both flavor and ethical sourcing, supporting indigenous cocoa farmers in southern Belize.

Sweet and Zesty: Cara Cara and Organic Chocolate

Our Cara Cara bubble bath offers a sweet and zesty refreshment. Pair it with an Organic Orange Dark Chocolate Bar by Theo Chocolate, known for its commitment to fair trade and sustainable practices. A perfect treat for the eco-conscious and the go-getters in your life.

Tropical Getaway: Caribbean Sands and Evolved Chocolate

Send your loved ones on a tropical escape with our Caribbean Sands bubble bath and a Midnight Coconut Bar by Evolved Chocolate. This pairing combines sweet coconut and ethical indulgence, perfect for those dreaming of sandy beaches and sun-kissed skies.

Suave and Spicy: Casanova and Toasted Cinnamon Chocolate

For the suave and sexy in your life, combine our Casanova bubble bath with a Toasted Cinnamon Chocolate Bar by Zoe’s Chocolates. Like TOA Waters, Zoe’s Chocolates is built on strong family values and dreams, offering decadent treats that are sure to captivate.

Conscious and Citrusy: Crystal Winds and Equal Exchange

Pair our tantalizing Crystal Winds bubble bath with a Dark Chocolate Lemon Ginger Bar from Equal Exchange. This invigorating combination is perfect for those who value fair trade and enjoy a burst of citrus and spice.

Bold and Decadent: Debonair and Dapaah Chocolates

Treat the bold and decadent bathers in your life with our Debonair bubble bath and a Cognac & Smoked Almonds: Mylk Chocolate Bar from Dapaah Chocolates. This vegan yet creamy pairing is as rich in flavor as it is in ethical commitment.

Joyful and Vibrant: Havana and Chuao’s Chocolates

Our vibrant Havana bubble bath pairs beautifully with a Totally Tangy Mango Chocolate Bar from Chuao’s Chocolates. Chuao’s commitment to natural ingredients and sustainable joy makes this combo a delightful soak and savor experience.

Natural and Nutty: Lockwood Forest and GOALZ Chocolates

For the nature lovers, our Lockwood Forest bubble bath and a Dark Keto Chocolate with Roasted Pistachios bar by GOALZ Chocolates blend the earthy tones of sage and oakmoss with the savory taste of pistachios, ideal for the health-conscious and eco-aware.

Eco-Friendly and Grounding: Lost Woods and Alter Eco

Our Lost Woods Limited Edition bubble bath is perfectly complemented by Hazelnut Butter Bombs from Alter Eco, wrapped in compostable packaging and crafted with fair-trade ingredients, making it a thoughtful and earth-friendly gift choice.

Sweetly Sensual: Sweet Temptation and Dark Chocolate Treats

Pair our darkly enticing Sweet Temptation bubble bath with luxurious dark chocolate treats like those from Acalli Chocolates, blending rich flavors for a truly indulgent experience.

Exotic and Fresh: Tuscarora Creek and Endangered Species Chocolate

Lastly, our Tuscarora Creek bubble bath pairs wonderfully with a Cranberries, Almonds + Dark Chocolate bar from Endangered Species Chocolate, reflecting a commitment to habitat conservation and fresh, vibrant flavors.


This Valentine's Day, skip the usual and delight in our curated chocolate and bubble bath pairings, guaranteed to provide an unforgettable and luxurious experience. Whether it's indulging in bold flavors or supporting eco-conscious businesses, TOA Waters has you covered. Enjoy the bubbles and the sweet moments they bring!

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