Marilyn Monroe taking a Bubble Bath

Soaking in Stardom. Famous People Who Loved Bubble Baths.

Bubble Baths: A Celestial Affair

Beloved by Icons

Bubble baths are loved by people all around the world, including some of the most famous names in history. From presidents to pop stars, these celebrities have all indulged in the pleasures of a warm and bubbly bath. Let's review some of the most famous people who are known for taking bubble baths.

Elvis Presley

The king of rock and roll was also a big fan of bubble baths. Elvis would reportedly take long baths filled with baby oil and foam, and he would sometimes spend hours soaking in the tub. He even had a special bathtub installed in his Graceland mansion, which had a built-in television and a telephone.

Marilyn Monroe

One of the most iconic actresses of all time, Marilyn Monroe, was a huge fan of bubble baths. She would often take long baths filled with rose petals and bubbles, and she reportedly used up to 350 bottles of perfume per year to create the perfect bath scent. Monroe's love of baths was so well-known that she even posed in a bubble bath for a famous photoshoot.

Queen Elizabeth II

Yes, even royalty enjoy a good bubble bath! Queen Elizabeth II is known to enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub, and she reportedly uses a special blend of bath oils and salts to create the perfect bath experience. The queen's love of baths is so well-known that she has even been known to bring a portable bathtub with her when traveling abroad.

Barack Obama

The former US president is known for his love of basketball, but he's also a fan of bubble baths. Obama reportedly likes to take long baths filled with bubbles and Epsom salts, which he says help to ease the stress of his job. He even once joked that his bubble baths were one of the perks of being president.

Oprah Winfrey

The media mogul and talk show host is known for her love of self-care, and bubble baths are a big part of her routine. Oprah has spoken publicly about her love of baths, and she reportedly enjoys adding lavender oil and Epsom salts to her baths for an extra dose of relaxation.

A Shared Pleasure Across Generations

Famous people from all walks of life have enjoyed the pleasures of a good bubble bath. Whether it's Marilyn Monroe soaking in rose-scented bubbles, Elvis Presley luxuriating in baby oil and foam, or Queen Elizabeth II enjoying a special blend of bath oils, it's clear that bubble baths are loved by people from all backgrounds. So, the next time you're taking a bubble bath, remember that you're in good company with some of the most famous people in history!

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