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Bump in the Suds: The Truth About Bubble Baths During Pregnancy.

The Art of Relaxation: Baths for Expectant Mothers

Nurturing Mommas-to-Be

Growing and carrying a tiny human is no easy feat! On top of making sure to nourish their bodies, prepare, and adult, expectant mommas are also told to get lots of rest. Does that seem like an oxymoron to anyone else? The key here is focusing on the word rest. Rest doesn’t necessarily connote sleep. Instead, it implies tranquility and relaxation. One such way for mommas to achieve this tranquility is to consider taking a bath. Now, before we continue, we must acknowledge that there is plenty of information out there concerning bubble bath time for pregnant women. It is always recommended to check with a healthcare provider before taking a bath to be sure that momma and baby are safe. Generally speaking, however, a carefully curated bathtime can do wonders for a mother-to-be! It promotes relaxation, and it can also help to soothe sore muscles. Let’s focus on the carefully curated part for a moment.

Considerations for Safe Baths

Here are a few things to consider when pregnant and taking a bath:

  1. Monitor Water Temperature: Always, always, always monitor the temperature of the water. Pregnant women should monitor both the temperature of the water and their own internal temperatures. Think warm, not hot!

  2. Check Ingredients: Check your bubbles first. Some oils and soaks contain ingredients that can change the acidity of the bathwater which can, in turn, increase the risk for infection. Adding epsom salts to the bathwater is deemed safe during pregnancy. However, healthcare providers will be able to steer expectant bathers in the right direction.

  3. Limit Soaking Time: While pregnant, the suggestion is to enjoy shorter soaks.

  4. Ensure Safety: Consider your balance. Mommas should be supported when entering and exiting the tub. Non-slip bath mats will also come in handy.

With these considerations, you’ll be on your way to safer soaks during pregnancy. Soak them in while you can, mommas! Once your little one arrives, bathtime becomes an entirely new adventure. Shameless plug: Here at TOA Waters, we like to start our bathers young. Be sure to check out our adorable baby attire and encourage your little one to develop healthy self-care habits from the start.

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