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6 Must-See Bubble Bath Scenes from the Movies

Dive Into Cinema: Top Bubble Bath Scenes to Inspire Your Soak

Many of our fabulous bubble bath enthusiasts enjoyed diving into cinematography's most iconic big-screen baths, so we're splashing back into the scene with more! Last year, we showcased our most iconic bubble bath moments in cinematic history, and now we’re here to add more sizzle to your soak. Here are our top 6 bubble bath scenes from movies that might just inspire you to recreate them at home.

Pillow Talk

The classic romantic comedy features Doris Day and Rock Hudson, who start as rivals but soon find chemistry. The film includes famous scenes of the duo "sharing" a bath in split-screen, thanks to the movie's widescreen format, allowing their flirtatious banter to flow as freely as the bathwater.

The Jerk

In this 1979 comedy, Steve Martin plays Navin, who enjoys a bubble bath while expressing his love for Marie, played by Bernadette Peters. Unfortunately, as Navin rambles on, Marie slips a breakup note under the door. A reminder that sometimes, bath time can bring unexpected news.

A Hard Day’s Night

This film offers a glimpse into a day in the life of The Beatles, with a memorable bubble bath scene featuring John Lennon. As he pretends his bath is a submarine scene, his bandmates enter, using the mirror for a shaving lesson, only for John to comically "sink" under the water.


Al Pacino's Tony Montana takes a bath in a scene where luxury meets rage. Soaking in a lavish bathtub, Tony's anger boils over in a stark contrast to the calm setting, showcasing that even gangsters appreciate a good soak.

Scary Movie

This horror-comedy parody features Cindy Campbell, played by Anna Faris, having a typical horror movie bubble bath before the masked killer appears. It’s a scene that mixes humor with suspense, perfect for those who like a little thrill with their bubbles.

The Grudge (2020)

While you might not want to recreate this scene, it’s undeniably chilling. It involves a bathtub full of bubbling blood and a terrifying hand that emerges to grab a character, turning a peaceful bath into a nightmare scenario.

Feeling inspired or a tad spooked? Whether you're into romance, comedy, or thrillers, these scenes show that bubble baths can set the stage for a variety of cinematic moments. Check out TOA Waters’ bubble bath products to elevate your own bath time. Got a favorite scene we missed? Drop a comment and let us know!

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