2022 Bubble Baths and Holiday Gift Pairing Guide - TOA Waters

2022 Bubble Baths and Holiday Gift Pairing Guide

Holiday Gift Guide with Unique Pairings from TOA Waters

As the holiday season approaches, TOA Waters is ready to elevate your gift-giving with unique and intriguing pairings that blend our premium bubble baths with distinctive products. Forget the usual chocolates and scarves—dive into our guide for a quirky twist that will truly surprise and delight your loved ones.

  1. Bold & Confident: Pair the daring After Midnight bubble bath with an espresso martini infusion kit from Uncommon Goods, perfect for those who enjoy a robust, energetic vibe.

  2. Zesty & Fun: Match our lively Cara Cara bubble bath with The Game of Phones, also from Uncommon Goods, to bring laughter and citrusy freshness together for a rejuvenating experience.

  3. Exotic & Natural: Combine our Caribbean Sands bubble bath with a butterfly biome, inviting your giftee to indulge in the natural beauty and tranquility of a tropical paradise.

  4. Sophisticated & Personal: Opt for the Casanova bubble bath with a personal grilled pizza maker. It's an unexpected yet delightful match for those who appreciate a refined yet fun approach to personal cooking.

  5. Refreshing & Quirky: Pair the invigorating Crystal Winds bubble bath with coats for cold beer from Uncommon Goods, ensuring a whimsically warm experience even on the chilliest evenings.

  6. Alluring & Luxurious: Match the smooth Debonair bubble bath with bourbon-infused coffee for a sophisticated, cozy night in, perfect for those who appreciate the finer things.

  7. Vibrant & Festive: Team up our Havana bubble bath, inspired by Cuba's vibrant culture, with glowing bath time cubes to mimic the island's lively nightlife right in the bathtub.

  8. Adventurous & Crafty: For those who cherish the outdoors, pair Lockwood Forest bubble bath with a personalized National Parks ornament. This thoughtful combo celebrates the spirit of adventure and nature.

  9. Enchanting & Memorable: The Lost Woods bubble bath calls for something special like a create-your-own reel viewer, allowing your loved ones to relive their favorite memories in a uniquely personal way.

  10. Indulgent & Sweet: Our Sweet Temptation bubble bath is a perfect match for cookie house mug buddies, blending relaxation with delightful treats.

  11. Crisp & Stimulating: Finally, our Tuscarora Creek bubble bath pairs beautifully with a mystery brain teaser game from Uncommon Goods, keeping the mind active while the body unwinds.

This holiday season, choose gifts that reflect thoughtfulness and creativity. Each pairing is designed to enhance the sensory experience of your loved ones, making every bath a memorable adventure.

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