Clear Shower XL Shower Head

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Taking showers before a bubble bath has huge benefits, including rinsing the body and getting rid of the dirty water through drainage. It's the ideal way to prepare yourself for a perfect bubble bath. We've partnered with the Clear Shower XL head to bring you the most luxurious shower experience.

The Clear Shower XL will create a smoothing rainfall in your bathtub.

Each of the 276 holes are machine drilled to perfection with a proprietary drill bit to offer an extra wide spraying surface. The holes are drilled with a circular vortex trajectory to provide the perfect pressure shower experience—not too hard and not too soft, it’s the perfect balance.

Most importantly, with the Clear Shower XL was developed so it never requires cleaning. This shower head is manufactured with a proprietary, environmentally friendly, anti-build up coating inside and out that keeps it looking good as new.

Easy installation allows you to mount horizontal or vertical on your bathroom wall, or overhead. The Clear Shower XL fits all standard shower/plumbing fixtures so it installs in minutes, no additional tools required.

Product Details
Colors: Clear
Materials: Acrylic Glass
Measurements: 18"L x 9"W x .75"H
Origin: China

— Warranty: Manufacturer's 10 Year
— Extra Wide Coverage
— Requires Minimal Pressure
— Fits Most Standard Bathrooms
— Can Be Positioned Vertically Or Horizontally On The Ceiling Or Wall
— Attachments: Solid Brass Joint Fitting
— Spray: 276 Holes (0.5mm Ø)
— Performance: 80 psi at 2.5 gpm
— Dimensions: 18” x 9” x 0.75”
— Empty Weight: 3.4 lb
— Includes Ball Joint Fixture (3"Ø) & Installation Instructions

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