Top 7 Cutest Animals Taking a Bubble Bath

Who says bath time is only for humans?

Who says bath time is only for humans?

Here at TOA Waters, we believe that bathers come in all shapes, sizes, and species, so we’ve carefully curated a compilation of unique and adorable bubble bath bathers for you to enjoy.

The question is, which bather do you identify with most?

1. The Reluctant Bather

Here’s a little something we will call the Reluctant Bather. This little buddy is considering the plunge, but not willing to get his hair wet. He’s efficient and certainly not one to make a splash.

2. The Living on the Hedge Bather

Let’s talk about the Living on the Hedge Bather. These bathers go all in. They’re all about taking the plunge, but be careful not to disturb; they tend to get a bit prickly.

3. The I’ll Take the Plunge When I’m Good and Ready Bather

Meet the I’ll Take the Plunge When I’m Good and Ready Bather. Some bathers like to take their sweet time, putting one foot (or toe) in at a time and adjusting to the water’s temperature. Once these bathers are in, they’re in and happy. No need to ruffle any feathers here!

4. The Always Traveling in Pairs Bathers

Meet the Always Traveling in Pairs Bathers. From friends to lovers, these bathers are in it for the right amount of mischief and a guaranteed good time!

5. The I’m too Cute So You do All the Work Bather

Meet the I’m too Cute So You do All the Work Bather. Hey listen, some bathers need a little bit of help. When they’re this cute though, who can resist supporting the splash?

6. The Overly Zealous Bather

Of course, we cannot forget the Overly Zealous Bather. The eyes say it all, “Can you leave so I can finally make a splash?” These are the kind of bathers that don’t mind some extra suds, the kind of bathers that bring their imaginations into the tub. Can you say, “Clean up aisle one?”

7. I Need Some Alone Time Bather

Here we have the I Need Some Alone Time Bather. This bather doesn’t “carrot” all when it comes to distractions. She’s all about that, “me time’, so do not disturb, unless you’re willing to endure some punchy side eye.

So, shall we leave all the fun to our furry friends? Which bubble bath bather are you?


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