Cleopatra's Beauty Secret Revealed - 5 Benefits of a Milk Bubble Bath

Cleopatra's Beauty Secret Revealed - 5 Benefits of a Milk Bubble Bath

Roman historian, Dio Cassius, called Cleopatra, “a woman of surpassing beauty”.

So, how did she do it? What is this ancient Egyptian pharaoh's greatest beauty secret?

Drum roll, please!

Cleopatra was accustomed to luxuriating in warm milk baths!

Right now, you’re probably thinking about all of the times that you weren’t allowed to leave the table until you finished your milk. Who would have thought that soaking in the popular beverage could have so many nutritious benefits! Milk baths relax and soothe the skin. They are a great way to wash away the day’s tensions and replenish the skin with vitamins and minerals.

Top 5 Secret Benefits of a Milk Bubble Bath:

  1. The proteins and lactic acid in milk help to exfoliate and smooth the skin.
  2. Milk fats help nourish and moisturize the skin--something to consider, especially during the dry winter months!
  3. Taking a bubble bath with milk has proven to help reduce irritation and calm inflammation.
  4. The calcium, vitamins, and proteins in milk can help to promote healthy, shiny hair. They can also help repair damaged ends. 
  5. Routine milk bubble baths can reduce wrinkles and roughness in the skin.

Are you convinced yet?

With TOA Waters, you can have your milk and bathe in it too! It’s bubble bath time.




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